Are you being discriminated against?

If you are disabled, or have had a disability, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) makes it unlawful for you to be discriminated against in:

  • employment
  • access to goods, facilities and services
  • the management, buying or renting of land or property
  • education

The DDA was passed in 1995 to introduce new measures aimed at ending the discrimination which many disabled people face in their everyday lives.Tanni Gray with DRC Code of Practice

Under the DDA, discrimination occurs where:

  • a disabled person is treated less favourably than someone else
  • the treatment is for a reason relating to the person's disability
  • the treatment cannot be justified

In some situations, less favourable treatment may amount to "direct discrimination" and this cannot be justified.

Discrimination may also occur where:

  • there is a failure to make a reasonable adjustment for a disabled person

There are also measures in the DDA covering harassment and victimisation.