The Law

In this section you can find out in detail what the law says about eliminating disability discrimination. You can read about how the law has been applied and about our legal strategy. 

Practical advice

For everyday, practical advice we have:

The legislation

This section contains legislation, codes, regulations and guidance, view summaries of the law and find out about its evolution and possible future developments.

Legal cases and key judgments

Summaries of legal cases supported by the DRC as well as transcripts of key judgments made by courts and tribunals.

DRC legal strategy

Find out about the DRC’s legal enforcement functions and how we deploy our statutory powers to maximum effect in legal strategy

DRC legal bulletin and commentary

The latest DRC legal bulletin, including taking out a free subscription. You can also read articles with analysis and commentary by DRC legal staff.

Future of equality and human rights

 There are some major developments on equality and human rights, including the advent of a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights in October 2007.

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