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In this section you can adapt the DRC website to meet your needs. The settings you create on this page will be saved for future visits. If you wish to return to the standard settings, please select "Standard text" and "Standard scheme".

Change The Text Size

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This site is enabled with a choice of two text-to-speech systems.

  • To use Browse Aloud - click on the icon below and follow the instructions to download this software:
  • To use Read Speaker click on the icon below. This will create a new frame at the top of your DRC web page with instructions on how listen to the text:

Link to Browsealoud websiteLink to ReadSpeaker website

We welcome your feedback on these text-to-speech options.

Access keys

This site supports access keys for increased navigation ability.
A full listing of access keys and how to use them on the DRC site is available.

Choose A Colour Scheme

Choose one of the options below to change the colour scheme or go back to the standard colour setting.


TextStandard scheme

Black on white

TextBlack on white scheme

Black on yellow

TextBlack on yellow scheme

Yellow on black

TextYellow on black scheme

Pastel Colours

Black on pale cream

TextBlack on pale cream scheme

Black on pale pink

TextBlack on pale pink scheme

Black on pale blue

TextBlack on pale blue scheme