Employers and Service Providers

Disabled people make a huge contribution to the economy - for example, as customers, service users, students, employees and business people. In fact they have an annual spending power of £50bn. Treating them fairly makes sense to your business.

It is unlawful for businesses and organisations providing services to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability.

It is also unlawful for any employer to discriminate against a disabled person when choosing someone for a job or considering people for promotion, dismissal or redundancy.

In this section we tell you what the law says and offer practical guidance to employers and organisations to make sure that disabled people are treated fairly. Often quite simple adjustments help not only disabled people but the general public as well.

You can get advice on:

If you work in the public sector, you can find out what the Disability Equality Duty means for you. You can also read about and contribute to the Fitness Standards Formal Investigation 

For teachers of Citizenship and Disability to pupils at key stages 3 and 4, we have a Citizenship microsite

For answers to frequently asked questions, go to: Ask DRC

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